Public Transit, Vol.1 (2019)

Public Transit, Vol.1  is a collection of images that examine the complexity of anthropogeography, a term first coined in 1842 by L. F. Kämtz. This project surveys images from the lifetime of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and its relationships with humans over the last century. The TTC will be turning one hundred years old in 2021 and opened its first subway in 1954.

In Public Transit, Vol.1, moments of aesthetic, social and cultural significance from the past century are featured predominantly. Archival images are presented in black and white and all colour photographs are from my personal archive, unless otherwise noted. The aim is to represent changes in ridership, but also to show that we are creatures of habits. Archival photographs that were publicly shared were downloaded and incorporated with personal images to create before/after diptych or triptych images using Rephotography.

At times the images challenge ethical boundaries, but represent common daily visuals, teetering between exploitation and empathy. Ultimately, the series is an honest look at Toronto subway riders, operators and the TTC environment. In its infancy, there was a certain novelty attached to riding the Subway in Toronto. In more recent years the wear and tear on the system is evident and the volume of commuters continues to challenge efficiency during peak hours.

Building this into a long-term project, I aim to show physical changes in the architecture and provide a window into the way people interact in the age of social media.


anthropogeography (uncountable)

1. (anthropology) The study of the geographical distribution of humankind and the relationship between human beings and their environment

Related terms[edit]

  • anthropogeographic
  • Anthropogeography. (147 words) This term was coined in 1842 by L. F. Kämtz, who defined anthropogeography as that aspect of geography, 'which above all else has to consider the influence of external natural conditions on the physical and spiritual constitution of human beings.' [1].

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    First published online: 2006

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