Good Riddance Nostalgia

Good Riddance Nostalgia is a self published collection of images that examine the properties owned by Ed Mirvish that were situated between four city blocks; Bloor Street and Lennox on the north and south respectively and Bathurst and Markham on the east and west. Ed Mirvish owned and operated Honest Eds Bargain Centre for almost sixty years. At his wife’s urging, they rented some of the properties they owned on Markham street to artist and local businesses. The area quickly became known as Mirvish Village. Ed’s passing in 2007 signalled the end of an era and eventually the land was put up for sale. Good Riddance Nostalgia explores the iconic signage that lit up the street for many years. Archival images that were publicly shared were downloaded and incorporated with personal images to create before and after diptychs. The significance and impact Ed Mirvish and Honest Eds had on the community is truly remarkable but is also quickly fading away as it resonated more with the aging boomer generation. As Ed Mirvish said “A Bargain Centre Like this Happens Once in a Lifetime”. Goodbye Honest Eds, Goodbye Ed Mirvish, Goodbye Nostalgia 

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