DARK T!MES  2020  is a collection of images that examine the complexity of human resilience and our relationships as the COVID-19 pandemic escalated around the world. This series documents human nature and our response to these dark times.  

In Man Wearing Mask (2020) photograph, a photo captured in this series on January 28, 2020 on the Yonge subway line, the mask left me wondering if we should all be wearing masks.  He was the first person I dared to photograph wearing a mask as the Asian community was heavily stereotyped for the outbreak and the majority of people wearing masks at this point were of Asian descent.  

Included are microscopic images of previous identified viruses along with my own images to show that everyone seemed to carry on as if nothing was happening until mid-March.  I dated the images to show how quickly things escalated.

While it’s human nature to interact with one another, social distancing offers a new reality.  This series blends the challenges and the uncertainties Torontonians now face heading into the immediate future and how we are adapting in these dark times.

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