All or Nothing (2020) 

All or Nothing (2020) is a history of the cell phones I owned and of the images captured with them since 1998. This narrative piece explores the evolution of technology as well as my personal growth as a human and as an artist. The cellphone images represent the progression of time.   In 1998, cameras and music options were unavailable on cell phones. Sending text was tedious as you had to type the words using the alphabet letters designated by the numbers on the keypad. 

Cellphone images are selected based on my emotional attachment to each one, measured by their ability to provide a window into the past 22 years. They reflect moments of happiness, hardships, heartbreak, health issues and aging. It’s unnerving to think that memories only last as long as the conversations about them. 

The aesthetic for the presentation is influenced by the work of Taryn Simon’s Contraband series and Richard Prince’s installation of appropriated Instagram photographs.   All or Nothing  (2020) is comprised of ten scanned images of the cell phones and a selection of approximately fifty images and text messages taken with the different phones.

All or Nothing (2020)  - Inkjet Print  (110 inches x 23.5 inches)

All Photos are protected by the Copyright Act, c. C-42 - Copyright © 2016 LinDuperron. All rights reserved.
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