Outta Time

Clocks ticking in the greater Toronto Area is the concept I chose to share. I selected 15 clocks that are significant to Toronto’s landscape. I tried to photograph each one at a different hour and on the hour. A couple of clocks were not operational or did not keep time, but I decided to include them as I felt they were an important part of this collection. 

 Toronto’s architecture is rapidly changing and hopefully these amazing clock towers will stand the test of time.   

Toronto Fire - Station 32 (1928) – CNE grounds

Bandshell Park 50 bells Carillon (1974) – CNE Grounds 

Press Building (1905) is the oldest building on the CNE grounds

Upper Canada College Clock Tower (1959)

St. Charles Tavern Clock tower - Originally part of Yonge street Firer Hall (1872)

Kerr Hall Clock Tower (1960)

St. James Cathedral (1850) 

St. Lawrence Hall (1854)

Toronto Old City Hall (1899)

Union Station Clock (1927)

Toronto Fire Station 315 (1875) (Note: replica built in 1972) 

St. Michael’s Choir School (1937) 

Soldiers’ Tower (1924) 

Kew Beach Fire Hall (1904)

North Toronto railway station (Summerhill) (1916)

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